SIGMA was established in Istanbul in 1986 as a small structural engineering and design office with a core staff of 10 people. Today, SIGMA is a multidisciplinary architecture, engineering, and construction company based in Istanbul, Turkey, employing over 270 white-collars with 35 years of experience and implementing different sizes of projects. 

SIGMA Istanbul was awarded 300 projects in 2021 and delivered two-thirds of them within the year.

SIGMA is on track to become one of the world's leading architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms in the coming decades. SIGMA is flexible enough to operate under different types of contracts. We serve in the pre-project, project, and post-project phases of the property life cycle with our unique seamless approach and single-point responsibility. We see our clients as our partners and provide design, procurement, construction, operation, and maintenance services under the umbrella of holistic project management. 

SIGMA Istanbul offers architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, infrastructure, geotechnical, and fire engineering services. SIGMA consultants provide services for fire, acoustics, facade systems, seismic evaluation, and reinforcement of the buildings against earthquakes. We work in a building information modeling (BIM) environment to maximize information exchange among our teams, clients, business partners, and suppliers. SIGMA started the digitalization process in 2017 and completed it by the middle of 2018. Currently, we utilize BIM for design, data generation, project, and construction management.

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