Prometeon R & D Center

The design of Prometeon R&D building stands out with its façade submitted in 2020. SIGMA architects

Prometeon R & D Center
Prometeon R & D Center
Prometeon R & D Center
Prometeon invested in the first tire manufacturing factory in Kocaeli, Turkey years ago. The new R&D building erected on this factory's land cost about 15 million USD and will develop hi-tech tires.
Prometeon Co.
Architecture, Structural Design, Municipal Infrastructure and Highway Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Façade, Mechanical Engineering
Production and Manufacturing
Prometeon R & D Center

R&D Center has two blocks covering a construction area of about 4.800 sqm situated on a land of 10.500 sqm. In the center, test laboratories and the R&D areas take up most of the space. There are also offices. Renowned Architect Renzo Piano created the outstanding facade of the center.

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