EXPERTISE Commercial

We aim to distinguish the commercial structures with their powerful and distinctive features in today and the future by offering creative, flexible, and resilient solutions to meet our clients' expectations. We take it as a challenge to demonstrate our design capabilities. Our commercial architects and engineers enable occupants to socially interact well in the space.

Having a multidisciplinary working environment where architectural and engineering disciplines gathered under the same roof, we are able to propose electromechanical and infrastructure systems that will provide optimum service to both the use of commercial buildings fitting their initial design purposes and the future transformations of the property in its life cycle.

Commercial developers prefer mixed-use building projects that combine spaces for working and retail and even hotels, and residential.  Structurally efficient solutions open up more usable floor space and draw greater potential from available land. Our virtual design capability is helping to redefine these performances of the commercial assets. SIGMA architects, engineers, and consultants can holistically work in a commercial building model utilizing BIM tools is one of our essential advantages in the market.

Sustainability is our priority in commercial building design to minimize energy consumption and costs, to achieve lower maintenance, more productivity, and higher profits. We design and build environmentally friendly structures and lower the initial costs using the correct materials and reducing operation & maintenance costs. We benefit from natural light and natural ventilation, focus on passive systems, and recycle gray and black water. Thus, we build more attractive properties and accelerate the return on investments.

Commercial Projects

All Projects
Tashkent Index
Tashkent Index Architecture 2021
Mersin Forum Mall
Mersin Forum Mall Structural Design 2020
Chirqiq Daryo Bo'yı
Chirqiq Daryo Bo'yı Municipal Infrastructure and Highway Engineering 2021
İstanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI) Pera Building
İstanbul Chamber of Industry (ICI) Pera Building Structural Design 2019
Global Headquarters Karaköy
Global Headquarters Karaköy Façade 2021
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