EXPERTISE Hospitality

SIGMA holistically designs healthcare facilities from the outset and works extensively to create the best environments for patients, staff, and researchers. We always ensure a high level of natural daylight in all bedrooms, which is essential to helping patients recover and boosting morale. We encourage cross ventilation throughout the units, providing healthy air for patients.

Our multidisciplinary engineers, architects, and consultants create value throughout the life cycle of a healthcare facility. SIGMA understands the durability and longevity of hospitals because of the hard use and flexibility to meet the requirements of lots of functionalities and equipment in a sustainable way with aesthetics.

We recognize the value of the land on which healthcare facilities are situated and consider expansion in the future. As a result, we create adaptable and innovative solutions for current and future use.

We follow world standards in areas requiring expertise such as diagnostic laboratories, pathology clinics, and surgery rooms.  We meet the accommodation and silence needs of the patients and visitors, design germ-free surgical rooms, and set the correct relations between the waiting and circulation areas and the examination rooms to create healing environments.

With our problem-solving and tailor-made approach, we optimize the efficiency of hospitals and minimize the risks of contamination. SIGMA aims to provide the best use for patients, staff, consultants, and visitors and implement best practices.

Technologies and functions that wear out over time negatively affect hospitals and reduce their efficiency. We offer retrofitting designs with new functionalities and current technologies to modernize hospitals.

Hospitality Projects

All Projects
Liberty Fabay Hotel
Liberty Fabay Hotel Structural Design 2020
Lady Diana Hotel
Lady Diana Hotel Structural Design 2020
Adres Yalıkavak Holiday Village
Adres Yalıkavak Holiday Village Structural Design 2015
Lord's Palace - Lagoon Beach Hotel
Lord's Palace - Lagoon Beach Hotel Structural Design 2021
İğneada Longosphere Glamping
İğneada Longosphere Glamping Municipal Infrastructure and Highway Engineering 2020
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