One of the industrial structures on which SIGMA focuses the most is logistics warehouses. SIGMA offers planning and design strategies for the Clients, from pest control to transportation of damaged goods, security policies, human resources management, customer returns, and stacking in logistics warehouses.

We design the logistics facilities in accordance with loads of the materials to be stacked and the sizes and weight of the handling equipment, transportation, transfer vehicles' loading & unloading requirements, and personnel needs. The logistics sector is becoming more complex with real-time tracking, repacking, quality control, and tests in warehouses. SIGMA provides consultancy, design, planning, and construction services in line with these new requirements.

Our designers consider the variables of space, volume, workers, and efficiency in logistics facilities, envision future requirements, and find the balance between initial investment and long-term operation efficiently.

SIGMA has a long history in the design of logistics facilities. We work holistically with our single-point accountability to plan and develop the projects, carry out the procurement and do the construction to deliver on time. Our multidisciplinary architects, engineers, and consultants solve the complex infrastructure and energy challenges of the warehouses and create a safe working environment.

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