EXPERTISE Production and Manufacturing

The space requirements of the machinery, equipment, and process lines that will be put in the production and manufacturing facilities determine the size and shape of the structures. Offering an ergonomic and comfortable working environment for the workers is critical too.

Production and manufacturing facilities are complex projects that require a variety of comprehensive solutions. They involve a variety of operations and entail a variety of creative solutions. The energy, lighting, heating-cooling-ventilation, fresh air, water, and wastewater demands of these structures necessitate specific engineering calculations and approaches. Waste emissions and unclean water from production and manufacturing activities must be treated, filtered, and released into nature to protect the environment. SIGMA has extensive experience in the development of such facilities and tailors solutions to the specific needs of each project.

These structures should also be connected to administrative and management personnel. Control of the process and operations, as well as safety and storage, should all be considered. SIGMA's multidisciplinary team can provide the most appropriate solutions for its customers in these complicated challenges with several components.

The new millennium and technology are changing the way goods are produced and manufactured, and it's a global trend that's complicated and intertwined with a variety of factors. Digital technology advancements and automation, climate change, and shifting market demands, are some of them.

As a result, we use innovative solutions to create designs that are speedier, open, collaborative, responsive, up-to-date, and future-proof to suit those new requirements. Buildings and industrial processes are better integrated, and we give special attention to making them more resistant to economic and environmental shocks.

SIGMA develops safer and healthier working environments as factories become increasingly outfitted with electronic and robotic machinery and control systems in near future. We also take into account increased material and energy efficiency.

Production and Manufacturing Projects

All Projects
Prometeon R & D Center
Prometeon R & D Center Architecture 2021
IVT-VITO Factory
IVT-VITO Factory Architecture 2020
Firma Metal Logistics Warehouse and Administrative Offices Building
Firma Metal Logistics Warehouse and Administrative Offices Building Architecture 2019
Tarakçıoğlu Mineral Coating and Production Industrial Building
Tarakçıoğlu Mineral Coating and Production Industrial Building Structural Design 2020
Federal Electricity Industrial Building
Federal Electricity Industrial Building Structural Design 1996
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