EXPERTISE Public Buildings

While public buildings contribute to the efficient functioning and urban character of the city, they also reflect the values and achievements of society. These buildings are expected to be useful and pay well for public expenditures and to be sensitive to the environment.

SIGMA shapes social and cultural relations according to the requirements of modern life and designs public buildings associated with its immediate surroundings respecting the environment and cultural heritage. We combine original architectural and engineering ideas with innovation and technology to contribute positively to the city, its identity, and life.

The design of public buildings is subject to legislation and laws. In Turkey, the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization, and Climate Change has standards for the new government and public buildings to be built in the cities and towns. SIGMA applies these standards to design cost-effective and functional buildings. We follow the law and regulations of the foreign country in our projects abroad.

Design & build services reduce the costs of the government buildings. Our seamless project delivery method ultimately combines pre-project, project, and post-project services. We offer the best-saving solutions for design and operation by considering energy efficiency.

We concentrate on site-specific design strategies in which the sun, wind, and similar climatic variables play active roles. We plan the land and buildings, their power and HVAC systems considering their likely growth and extension in near future.

Public Buildings Projects

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MESS (Turkish Metal Industrialists Union) Technology Center
MESS (Turkish Metal Industrialists Union) Technology Center Structural Design 2019
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