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The house is a physical space unit that reflects the socio-cultural structure of the community. Its primary role is to protect human beings from physical impacts and provide shelter. Parallel to technological and economic advancements, socio-cultural lifestyles are rapidly changing. Consequently, living conditions become different, user characteristics diversify fast, and the family concept alters that a total change occurs in the house, space, and even the activities. The design should be so adaptable that it can define and meet its users' requirements by involving all inhabitants. The flexibility of the house to the user's current and future requirements should be considered for a long-lasting house design.

SIGMA creates aesthetically pleasing, safe, pleasant, and high-quality residentials by focusing on utility, proper space utilization, and interior quality of life. SIGMA designs modular, aesthetically pleasing structures with architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, infrastructure, and fire consultancy professionals, using the location's data effectively, responding to needs, and paying attention to the details. In brief, we provide residentials meeting modern living standards blending design, technology, and cost management.

Residential Projects

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Tarlabaşı 360
Tarlabaşı 360 Structural Design 2020
Tashkent Index
Tashkent Index Architecture 2021
Nest Yalova
Nest Yalova Structural Design 2019
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