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Our skilled architects, restoration consultants, and engineers work together to restore and renovate historic buildings with our single point responsibility. In domestic projects, our designs adhere to Rules Nos. 3386 and 5226, as well as the Specifications of Law No. 2863 on the Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets. We respect the laws and regulations of each country in our global projects.

Meticulous restoration may also necessitate ancient construction and manufacturing techniques. These approaches may be the only way to preserve and restore external and internal structures. Considering the electromechanical services installed in restored buildings should fulfill modern and comfortable living standards; good coordination is essential to eliminate these two conflict areas, which can be accomplished through the use of building information modeling (BIM).

Complete demolition of the interior structure while keeping the shell erected with a steel structure supporting system to provide new functions in the historic buildings before reconstruction may be imperative to return the building to a known earlier state with new materials. Historic structures that are severely damaged and irreparable should be reconstructed as replicas with current electromechanical services to create modern living spaces.

The first step in renovation and restoration projects is to survey to document the existing state of the historic building. We use the most up-to-date technology in the surveys and get support from our solution partners if required.

Assembling a qualified technical team is vital to success for restoration and renovation projects. Our experienced and expert team, which has many years of experience in restoration, brings modern functions to historic buildings considering changes done in various periods in the history and keeps the authenticity and spirit of the building.

We create restitution projects after investigating previous periods based on narratives of historic buildings and sites and use data from the surveys with the aid of art historians and restorer architects. Then, we design a restoration project that is appropriate for today's conditions while maintaining the texture and materiality of the original work.

If the historic buildings' structures need strengthening against earthquakes, our professionals create reinforcement solutions.

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