EXPERTISE Sports and Entertainment

SIGMA creates comprehensive sports and entertainment facility solutions that address the interests of spectators, artists, performers, operators, and business owners throughout the project and real estate lifecycles.

These facilities must accommodate human flow, pedestrian traffic, and safety. Audiovisual hi-tech infrastructure, fire, façade, acoustics consulting, and custom architectural solutions are all needed. SIGMA offers alternatives and solutions to these initiatives through its multidisciplinary structure and comprehensive approach, cooperating with institutions where necessary.

Creating the right atmosphere in sporting arenas and entertainment venues boost ticket sales, attract advertisers and sponsors, and aid in the negotiation of lucrative media deals. It's critical to cut expenditures without sacrificing the building's vibe. In sports and entertainment facilities, our durable, flexible, and sustainable solutions create a difference.

Closed sports arenas and fitness centers require fresh air, hygiene, and ergonomics for end-users. SIGMA provides high-end designs that adhere to all applicable laws and regulations.

Integrating smart technologies into the sports and entertainment facilities offers visitors rich experiences. Our designs are enhanced by collaboration with developers, clubs, and venue operators.

By bringing together professionals in information and communication, lighting, acoustics, multimedia and broadcast systems, security, transportation and wayfinding, space management, logistics, and operations, we are able to deliver holistic services.

Sports and Entertainment Projects

All Projects
Cebeci Sports Complex
Cebeci Sports Complex Structural Design 2003
Ümraniye Çakmak Indoor Semi-Olympic Pool
Ümraniye Çakmak Indoor Semi-Olympic Pool Structural Design 2003
Üsküdar Indoor Swimming Pool
Üsküdar Indoor Swimming Pool Structural Design 2005
Yangi Park
Yangi Park Architecture 2021
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