EXPERTISE Urban Infrastructure

Developing real estates, industrial districts, and cities require high-quality and efficient infrastructure which is functional and accessible, considering end users. SIGMA Infrastructure teams handle the design and construction of electricity, water, gas, telecommunications, stormwater discharge systems, and sewerage networks within the project management framework and holistically serve with a single point responsibility in a multidisciplinary environment.

People need easy access to buildings, open spaces, and getting access to public and private transportation. Public spaces and roads should have signage, safety, accessibility, and attractiveness. 

Utilities such as water, electricity, gas, heating&cooling water, and telecommunications should be able to be delivered in an integrated, efficient, and cost-effective manner into existing structures and systems.

Infrastructure works require multiple services management with collaborative solutions and coordination of multidisciplinary teams. Keeping it in mind, we consider the entire project lifecycle starting from the initial design and planning phase to operation and maintenance. We believe in working closely with our clients and stakeholders to offer cost-effective and sustainable solutions. 

Infrastructure is essential facilities, services, and organizational structures for communal use, most commonly by residents of cities, industrial districts, and towns. Therefore we offer holistic solutions adopted by proactive problem-solving technics and coordination skills. 

Our expertise spans from urban planning to industrial district planning, from university campuses to real estate development and transportation infrastructure.

Range of Services

  1. Waste Water Collection and Discharge
  2. Stormwater Collection and Discharge
  3. Domestic Water Supply and Distribution
  4. Landscape Irrigation
  5. Outdoor Fire Hydrants
  6. Building-Foundation Drainage
  7. Trenches, Galleries
  8. Power, Telecommunications and Data Cabling Underground Services
  9. River Improvement and Storm Overflow Channels
  10. Urban and Industrial District Roads
  11. Junction Design
  12. Public Roads
  13. Fire Brigade Vehicle Access and Turning Provisions
  14. Open Air Car Park Design

Urban Infrastructure Projects

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Chirqiq Daryo Bo'yı
Chirqiq Daryo Bo'yı Municipal Infrastructure and Highway Engineering 2021
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