EXPERTISE Architecture

Every project we accomplish will leave a legacy for future generations. Knowing that SIGMA takes an innovative and holistic approach to project implementation. We focus on blending function with the human component in every architectural project, whether a modest dwelling space or a large commercial complex.

SIGMA not only provides architecture but also collaborates with domestic and international creative architects to develop their designs and produce details while maintaining both function and aesthetics.

Integrative design is a method for establishing linkages between climate, land, building, form, structure, systems, and materials to create high-performance structures. Our multidisciplinary engineering teams and consultants offer comprehensive solutions for all aspects of the project lifecycle. We plan, design, and execute commercial, residential, public, and industrial buildings with a single point of responsibility. We use BIM tools to apply value engineering and offer 3-dimensional, coordinated design and project documentation.

We know that the buildings we design will directly affect the quality of work, manufacturing, production environment, and living in general. We do not consider commercial and residential buildings for only their physical features. We take into account their visual aspects aesthetically and spiritually considering their sustainment in time. In this respect, our primary principle is to correctly identify the needs and demands of all stakeholders such as clients, occupants, all engineering disciplines, legislative bodies, etc., and efficiently use the design time. We always say we are building today and the future, that our projects must be innovative, aesthetic, sustainable, functional, constructible, economical, environmental, and community-friendly aiming to use resources correctly adapting new technologies. With the experience we gained from local and international projects, we continue to undertake more projects relying on our diverse teams who work in a wide range of sectors.

Industrial architecture encompasses a range of building types and styles that mix functionality and design. We understand the manufacturing and production processes combining logistics needs tightly adhering to the corporate culture in a holistic way. We evaluate variables affecting the access roads, transport, exit and entrances, infrastructure needs, equipment and machinery areas, and their installation requirements, power needs, fire protection & suppression systems, ergonomy of employee and office working environment.

Our architects offer design services from the initial stage to completion. We utilize 2D and 3D design software at an advanced level under the umbrella of Building Information Modeling (BIM) to make accurate project-specific solutions with maximum performance and minimum error.

Architecture Projects

All Projects
The Istanbul University Hasdal Campus Hospital
The Istanbul University Hasdal Campus Hospital Landscape Architecture 2021
Tashkent Index
Tashkent Index Architecture 2021
Prometeon R & D Center
Prometeon R & D Center Architecture 2021
IVT-VITO Factory
IVT-VITO Factory Architecture 2020
Firma Metal Logistics Warehouse and Administrative Offices Building
Firma Metal Logistics Warehouse and Administrative Offices Building Architecture 2019
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