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SIGMA, as an engineering, architecture, and construction firm, brings together various disciplines to create the design in a coordinated manner, which is an important part of project development. SIGMA offers coordinated designs for each project, reducing conflicts and allowing buildings and facilities to come to life faster.

In the design & build model, the design process, which is carried out before the site works, is different from the design, bid, and build the model. We can conveniently manage design teams in the office and site with our single-point accountability approach in the design & build model. In this model, the design and the construction may simultaneously progress and design management becomes critical. In the seamless project delivery method, procurement is included and design management becomes even more important as a single point contact provider firm.

In projects where SIGMA performs the job of a traditional designer and creates accurate and coordinated design documents, our architects and engineers come together in a 3D virtual design environment. We collaborate with our customers throughout the project life cycle by combining design, procurement, and construction under our Seamless Project Delivery Method with the "Single Point Responsibility" approach, which is unique in the construction industry. We provide our customers with the most appropriate budget, and we complete the design time and scope within our quality system, keeping all stakeholders informed. Thus, we can handle design changes easier and perform value engineering studies. Our agile management method allows us to react quickly to design challenges.

With a proactive, agile approach, our design managers involve our clients in the design process, communicate information from them to the design teams, prevent changes by offering feedback to the customer, and ensure that the design is completed consistently and on schedule.

At SIGMA, we approach design with the principles of project management. First, we plan the design process. We focus on workmanship, materials, and equipment quality by evaluating the scope, time, and budget triangle to support procurement during construction.

We act by legal regulations, legislation, local and international legislation, and obtain the necessary project permits. We aim to keep in close contact with the field, shorten the design and construction times, and meet the targets. We obtain the necessary project permits following local and international regulations and relevant legislation.

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Metropolitan Hotels Bosphorus
Metropolitan Hotels Bosphorus Design Management 2017
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