EXPERTISE Due Diligence

Due diligence investigations enable our clients to benefit from our technical expertise and engineering experiences. We thoroughly pinpoint project risks and issues for our clients to achieve success.  Our professional staff with a proven track record and the ability to deal with the complexities of the projects are assigned for each project to assess the requirements of the industry. Effective due diligence provides insight to the clients into how and why the project or investment should achieve critical objectives.

It also gives peace of mind to the clients to have a comprehensive understanding of the most likely project outcomes. We identify the steps to take to thoroughly investigate a business or contractor before signing any contracts with third parties during the due diligence.  Technical assessment refers to the process of researching a site to evaluate its suitability for a particular project and the risks involved before investment.

Our services;

We analyze and solve problems related to legal fields such as title deed and title information, project boundaries, legislation, underground and aboveground municipal services, energy suppliers, surrounding buildings, protected areas, monuments, historical texture, aviation, and maritime.
We offer topographic surveys, existing building surveys, historical land and structure use reports, water-air-soil pollution surveys, boundary surveys, transportation infrastructure adequacy and future demand reports, and environmental impact assessment (EIA).

We ensure preliminary services for municipal infrastructures such as telecommunications services and capacity; power supply system and capacity; natural gas supply network and capacity; wastewater and stormwater discharge systems and capacity; existing water supply system and their capacity.

We offer services including conditions and obligations (as agreed or in draft form) regarding planning permits and approvals for the land and environment, socio-economic studies, visual impact assessment, sustainability, traffic and transport assessment, flood hazard and risk assessment, acoustical requirements, and ambient noise detection studies.

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