EXPERTISE Earthquake Risk Assessment and Building Strengthening

An earthquake is a natural disaster that can strike anywhere in the world. Fault lines are a global concern to the building industry, and Turkey is one of the world's most earthquake-prone countries. Many earthquakes throughout recent and distant history have inflicted misery and left a large number of casualties in nations' psyche.

As a result, earthquake risk assessments of existing or newly constructed buildings in our country should adhere to seismic safety regulations. Our structural team creates earthquake-resistant structures that adhere to local and international rules and requirements for load-bearing steel and concrete structures in new buildings. However, because our country's building stock is made up of inefficient old structures, it is necessary to renovate or inspect and evaluate them for earthquake risk while they are still in use. To fulfill this demand, we create urgent action plans based on our clients' needs, detect potentially dangerous structures, and report them to our professional teams.

Our building examination team first performs a visual inspection. Depending on the risk type of the building, if necessary, we take concrete samples and send them for destructive examination. We evaluate the data obtained following the current earthquake regulations and identify the minimum safety level of the existing building. The structures achieving appropriate levels of safety can be used. If otherwise, the buildings should be strengthened considering the aesthetics and economic factors as they are risky to use. With our 35 years of experience in structural engineering and a customer-oriented approach, we produce solutions to strengthen and retrofit the old structures to eliminate the damage risk of earthquakes.

We also carry out damage assessments on structures that suffer damage from earthquakes. We distinguish the types of damage by focusing on the nature of deformations and destruction and investigate the effect of the earthquake on the structure in every aspect. We share the data obtained after the examinations with the client and provide support for the necessary action plans.

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