The facade is one of the most important aspects of a building and is not just a surface. The building envelope includes all components separating the interior spaces within a structure from the surrounding exterior areas. The facade of a building is one of the intersections where architecture and engineering work together. The façade is a multi-disciplinary building component also strictly related to sustainability.

The façade is essential in the relationship that the building establishes with the local urban context and helps the citizen relate to the building. In this sense, it is an architectural element. The direct relationship of the facade with interior lighting, outdoor noise, rainwater insulation, wind protection, earthquake resistance, heating & cooling makes it an element of engineering.

Engineering, architecture, and construction company SIGMA offers holistic, multi-disciplinary facade services from design to installation. Our designs combine clients' requirements, structural context, function, and aesthetics with engineering. We identify the building envelope requirements and understand the project's strategic objectives at the outset for façades that will reduce cost and risk factors and are easy to supply and install. We also integrate the required maintenance systems to ensure that the building envelope maintains its performance throughout its lifespan.

Façade Projects

All Projects
Prometeon R & D Center
Prometeon R & D Center Architecture 2021
Global Headquarters Karaköy
Global Headquarters Karaköy Façade 2021
Nukan Hotel
Nukan Hotel Structural Design 2022
Artel Office
Artel Office Architecture 2021
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