Integrity, sustainability, cost, aesthetics, and safety must all be considered while designing structures and facilities. Fire safety is at the intersection of all of them. With the involvement of a fire consultant in the design, fire safety becomes a discipline. The overall design time decreases as fire safety challenges and procedures become apparent. Offering and planning a fire strategy at the initiation of any project eliminates fire safety problems and potential change demands that may occur in the project life cycle and consequently increase the costs.

SIGMA is one of the few multi-disciplinary firms that offers in-house fire consulting. With our national and international qualified fire consultants, we offer solutions complying with local and international codes and standards. Our fire engineers holding accredited local and international qualifications develop solutions complying with local and international standards and regulations. Our fire consultants take and control the following strategic decisions.

  1. Identifying active and passive fire protection measures,
  2. Identifying structural fire safety measures and control of design,
  3. Identifying system requirements complying with regulations and standards.

The design process covers the following:

  1. Sprinklers, indoor and outdoor hydrants, water or foam monitors, fire-hose cabinets, gas, water mist, wet, dry chemical, and foam extinguishing systems are all examples of automatic or manual fire extinguishing systems.
  2. Smoke evacuation and control
  3. Emergency guidance and lighting
  4. Fire detection and alarm
  5. Emergency announcement
  6. Fire Brigade approvals and permits
  7. Third-party peer-reviews, checking the compliance with regulations, standards, and design criteria, and preparing reports with comments, recommendations, and solutions.
  8. Fire evacuation plans.
  9. New Structure: Fire Consultancy in project execution

Services for the execution of the project are following;

  1. Material and equipment approvals.
  2. Conformity verification of electro-mechanical installation of fire protection systems.
  3. Compliance with change orders.
  4. Execution of tests & commissioning.
  5. Fire Consultancy for Existing Buildings

We check and control existing mechanical and electrical fire systems in the structures, review as-built drawings following prepare assessment reports. The report includes our views on the current situation with recommendations, advice, and changes complying with the Turkish Fire Protection Regulation and the national or international standards and codes.

Fire Scenarios and Impact-Response Matrix Consultancy

Fire Scenario defines the development of fire and the spread of combustion products that affect the life safety throughout a building or part of a building. Impact response matrices are used to assess the hazards and damage during a fire indicating the running of the fire protection system, devices, equipment, and building.

We also test the fire scenarios on the field and report the results.

Fire Projects

All Projects
The Istanbul University Hasdal Campus Hospital
The Istanbul University Hasdal Campus Hospital Landscape Architecture 2021
Lord's Palace - Lagoon Beach Hotel
Lord's Palace - Lagoon Beach Hotel Structural Design 2021
IVT-VITO Factory
IVT-VITO Factory Architecture 2020
Firma Metal Logistics Warehouse and Administrative Offices Building
Firma Metal Logistics Warehouse and Administrative Offices Building Architecture 2019
Türkoğlu Global Logistics
Türkoğlu Global Logistics Structural Design 2022
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