EXPERTISE Fit-Out and Retrofitting

Our interior architects and designers collaborate with our engineers to plan, design, and develop fit-out projects for tenants. Fit-out design and construction necessitate coordinated electrical and mechanical services, as well as decorating and furnishing. We also conduct project management on the site for the installation to control scope, time, and budget considering the quality with our multi-disciplinary architects and engineers in single-point responsibility. 

We carry out our retrofitting works to renovate old buildings. Retrofitting involves a careful balancing of different building elements and their effects on the overall performance of the building. A change in one part can affect the other part and sometimes causes irreversible errors. Since our country is in an earthquake zone, we conduct earthquake risk analysis in most of our retrofitting projects and strengthen buildings as necessary. We combine new functions with aesthetics during retrofitting and install the electromechanical equipment accordingly. SIGMA has been serving for retrofitting the branches of banks and retailers for many years. The experience we have gained enables us to create more affordable and quality spaces in a shorter time.

To provide functional and interior architectural flexibility to the tenants of newly built shopping malls or commercial buildings' offices, the developer constructs only the building envelope and circulation spaces and branches for electromechanical services without interior partitions. (shell&core). 

By understanding the common problems such as insufficient ventilation, condensation, air leakage, molding, high humidity, and overheating issues in spaces that will be fit-out or retrofitted, we identify risks and produce project-specific solutions. We never implement conventional solutions without proper consideration, and we give importance to high-quality installation. Before any fit-out and retrofitting project, a thorough assessment is a key to initiating the design. Following, we plan installation works considering the operation.

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