EXPERTISE Geotechnics

We combine geotechnical engineering with our structural expertise to understand the ground, foundation, and building relations. To save time and budget, our geotechnical engineers analyze the ground and identify the best planning, design, construction, and operation& maintenance of the buildings from the start. 

We provide ground engineering services for energy, water, and transportation infrastructures. We conduct hydrogeological, seismic, and geological research and identify the risks in the project. We offer reliable, durable, permanent, and original solutions using local and global standards in the world and deliver the projects on time. We work for the following;

  1. Land Survey Data Lists
  2. Evaluation report
  3. Deep Excavation and Retaining
  4. Slope Stabilization and Landslide Prevention
  5. Geotechnical Consulting
  6. Instrumental Observation Network
  7. Ground Improvement
  8. Geotechnical Management and Technical Supervision

We gather physical data from the earth's surface with the use of precision instruments. Our engineers present collected data on graphs, plans, maps, charts, or documents for structures and infrastructure complying with local regulation BOHHBUY for transportation, energy, infrastructure, and building projects.

Terrain Modeling

We develop alternative terrain models to optimize excavation quantities by identifying the most suitable elevations for the current topography of the land. We prepare 3D visuals by creating finished excavation/filling models accommodating to the topography.

Before any project design, we identify the topographic features of the land, make the necessary measurements, and provide the current topographic plans with digital mapping services.

Topographical plan with project boundary coordinates, situation plan, and formwork plan are overlaid to see conflicts. 3-dimensional deep excavation analysis is done and earthwork volumes are calculated. 

Deformation Measurements

Foundations, retaining walls, embankments and buildings are all exposed to large and changing loads. We monitor their horizontal and vertical movements depending on time with monitoring systems using automated electronic total stations with precise geodetic devices.

Buildings and Measured Survey

Precise anchorage of reinforced concrete, steel, and old structures, breakdown of the axes and foundation levels marked on the survey plan, and the survey of the exterior and interior of the building in digital media for design teams before 3D modeling are some of our services. Photogrammetry is another method we use to obtain reliable information, measuring and interpreting photographic images and patterns of electromagnetic radiant imagery.

Geotechnics Projects

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Lord's Palace - Lagoon Beach Hotel
Lord's Palace - Lagoon Beach Hotel Structural Design 2021
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