EXPERTISE Industrial District Planning

Diverse, complex, and interdependent forces are causing considerable changes in industrial districts. SIGMA combines investment and knowledge from an environmental and sustainability viewpoint to unveil and achieve the full potential of industrial district design. We provide a shared and long-term benefit for customers, investors, communities, and nature while planning these regions.

We understand the requirements of the industries with logistics and transportation before planning activities and create sustainable solutions to support the reduction of carbon footprint following environmental policies with our multidisciplinary teams.

By understanding the life cycle of industrial zones, we offer comprehensive solutions to take the best results. We provide pre-project, design, construction, and operation services nearly accessible on the market with our agile management. We plan 24/7 running industrial districts with innovative design solutions utilizing our knowledge, experience, and procurement competency in the market. We aim to increase productivity and protect the environment as part of the project. To optimize industrial zone lifecycle costs and reduce risks, we provide our services from a single point, thus offering time and cost savings.

We assist our clients in introducing and guiding novel technologies, and innovations to plan their projects, and the running of their facilities. Our structural and infrastructure engineers thoroughly understand the industrial processes to offer competitive solutions.

We implement advanced security practices to minimize risks to process systems and facilities. When necessary, we go with modular design to accelerate the marketing activities of the industrial districts. We work for the logistics, packaging, research and development, and manufacturing sectors in industrial district planning.

Industrial District Planning Projects

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