EXPERTISE Interior Design

We work with a forward-thinking and design-focused approach offering the most competitive and innovative ideas in the field of interior design. Our building services engineers support our interior architects and designers to create comfortable and functional interiors.

We collaboratively work with clients to identify interior design requirements for new and existing buildings and comprehend the architectural concept with functional goals. Balance is key to our design concept. We produce original and innovative concepts. We always put ourselves in the shoes of the end-user to identify the space requirements to provide ergonomic, functional, and aesthetic solutions.

The projects start with a discussion on the needs of the client. We sort out required functions and plan space & human interactions. After planning, we initiate the design process. At this stage, we create ergonomic solutions to ensure space for the comfortable movements of the occupants. To create "for construction" drawings, we use materials that fit the space's atmosphere harmonically. We also create the 3D renderings to visualize the design before the approval of the client. At the construction stage, we check and control the installation, partitions, and all other interior elements.

SIGMA brings diverse disciplines together for interior design with our unique single-point of accountability approach. Our architects, engineers, and consultants work together starting at the initiation phase of the project to provide an integrated design. Each member of our team is aware of the project's overall responsibilities and contributes to ensuring that design and construction are completed on time. We can readily examine the issues that affect the project and provide rational and unique solutions to the difficulties by combining the expertise of multiple disciplines.

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Artel Office
Artel Office Architecture 2021
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