EXPERTISE Land Selection and Feasibility Studies

We provide land selection services and feasibility studies to address the various factors that affect the long-term success of projects. By taking these preliminary steps, clients understand various external and internal factors that can significantly impact long-term success, weigh the opportunities and costs, and get a cost-benefit analysis. Our site selection consultants help clients to offer a picture of the project to make decisions before the project starts. We work directly with the owner to identify specific facility needs and project goals before choosing a land. After the project goals are specified, we suggest suitable lands and initiate the planning phase. Thus we commence the evaluation works of existing plots to pinpoint related constrictions of design. We narrow down the options, focus on available land that will best support overall needs and goals, and compare costs to make a final decision. As these initial efforts are critical to minimizing unnecessary and potentially costly delays in the following phases we work assiduously.

Our feasibility study services are not limited only to new construction and site selection. We regularly help weigh the pros and cons of comparing a potential improvement to an existing building or facility with the idea of re-building. With our site selection and feasibility services, we can offer more competitive, productive, efficient, and flexible solutions.

Our land selection and feasibility studies aim to provide long-lasting success for our clients. In addition, we provide early identification and resolution of permit issues and design challenges. Thus, we reduce risks during the design phase and the number of change orders during construction.

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