EXPERTISE Landscape Architecture

We landscape city parks, public areas, commercial building open spaces, and residential yards while taking into account the environment, culture, and social life of the neighborhood. In developed and semi-urbanized cities, we also revitalize brownfields. Understanding natural processes, cultural continuity, material tectonics, and the land allows us to create unique and visually beautiful landscapes. To develop the projects, we work with architects, urban planners, engineers, and members of the community. Input from the client and community members is critical. We create pocket parks, medium-sized parks, and city parks.

SIGMA has a relational approach to landscape and urbanism. We investigate relationships between environment and people and create innovative and site-specific designs. We use traditional design tools together with up-to-date technology to find the best solutions and produce holistic, sustainable, and innovative landscapes.

We also integrate the local people into the design process. Our philosophy is to create an adaptive,  interwoven landscape to serve the entire community, build harmonious relations between people and the environment, and evoke a strong “sense of space".

Urban infrastructure has become a new landscape. As we integrate flood control, green stormwater, active mobility, and natural habitats into our environments we enhance the resilience of the cities.

Our simple but efficient designs prioritize the protection of natural resources. In every project, we aim welfare of the communities and support their enthusiasm and optimistic lifestyle by blending nature, art, food, and sport. We take into account the evolutionary processes of the landscape (vegetation, habitats, water resources), which will constantly change. We optimize construction and maintenance costs, select the most suitable materials, and offer creative landscapes that are economically and ecologically well thought out.

We avoid short-lived solutions produced without integration of landscape ecology and assessment of the ecosystem. We create long-term projects and increase the value of the projects envisioning their development in the future.

Landscape Architecture Projects

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The Istanbul University Hasdal Campus Hospital
The Istanbul University Hasdal Campus Hospital Landscape Architecture 2021
Artel Office
Artel Office Architecture 2021
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