EXPERTISE Master Planning

SIGMA implements residential planning activities through the accessibility and flow of resources with a spatial understanding of the land. Thus, we can serve with a holistic and multidisciplinary approach, taking into account the infrastructure, transportation, environment, sustainability, and daily needs of people in residential areas.

The master plan is a framework in which development parcels, massing, heights, building relationships, circulation, and streets are established in sufficient depth to define predictable results with enough flexibility and resilience to accommodate diverse developer requirements. The urban design focuses on relationships between buildings and spaces with networks and non-physical aspects to create a convenient life.

Space planning is an activity that affects the district, city, and outside of the city, and also the country in general. When new regions are opened for settlement and economic development, they must be integrated into the main city and be able to start economic activities straight off. To achieve this, SIGMA generates scenarios, analyzes the available data, and finds solutions during planning activities. We take into account the changing life, new demands of people, and new requirements with the rapidly changing technology. We focus on resilience and expandable planning of the region considering the population increase and growth options. We aim to create sustainable cities following environmental protection policies.

We also carry out the re-planning of existing residential areas about their ineffectiveness or complete obsolescence. We evaluate the outdated infrastructure, water and electricity services in the cities, and their distribution networks to adapt to the needs of the communities. We attach great importance to bringing such residential areas into the urban city concerning environmental policies and sustainability.

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