EXPERTISE Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical systems are critical components in buildings that are functional, healthy, comfortable, safe, and long-lasting. Our mechanical engineers who serve various sectors also take an active role in professional societies and work to add more value to the properties with simple, elegant, creative, and innovative solutions for human comfort and life safety both in the long and short term.

Our strategy is to provide efficient comfort with low power consumption solutions for heating, cooling, and ventilation systems (HVAC). We coordinate architectural, structural, and power requirements to implement the solutions. In the concept stage, we take passive measures to reduce heat transfer through the façade and aim low carbon footprint. Since these systems have high initial investment costs and maintenance & operating costs, value engineering is the key to selecting the right equipment, machinery, and materials.

We ensure that the plumbing system provides a healthy living and working environment, operates quietly, and takes up minimum space in the building with low operation & maintenance costs.

SIGMA has considerable expertise in the sizing and design of smoke management and fire safety systems. Our fire engineers use digital technology and simulations to provide the best solutions.

We design mechanical systems in a BIM environment utilizing a 3D model to ensure the coordination of the services with other disciplines and documented. Our holistic approach and single-point accountability help us design projects considering the project and property life cycle.

SIGMA designs mechanical systems for today and the future. Therefore we provide tailor-made flexible, adaptable, creative, and innovative solutions for various sectors.

The earth has scarce resources, the environment is in crisis and energy is vital. We plan and design the mechanical systems keeping them in our minds. We are inclined to reduce carbon footprint in our designs. Selecting energy-efficient low-emissions equipment is critical. We plan the design and construction phases to lower the mechanical systems’ initial investment costs and take into account their operation & maintenance requirements too.

SIGMA has considerable expertise in the sizing and design of smoke management and fire safety systems. Our fire engineers use digital technology and simulations to provide the best solutions. We prefer highly efficient mechanical systems using renewable energy resources. We work with firms that have professional maintenance services organizations in the market. We focus on energy efficiency, energy monitoring, and measurement, water use efficiency, the performance of materials, use of daylight, energy modeling, and automation of HVAC and plumbing systems.

We offer effective HVAC and plumbing systems with optimized initial investment and operation & maintenance costs including personnel costs.

We offer the following services;

  1. Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
  2. Fire
  3. Potable Water
  4. Waste Water
  5. Storm Water
  6. Natural gas, LNG, CNG, LPG
  7. Steam
  8. Hot Oil
  9. Medical Gas
  10. Pneumatics and Hydraulics
  11. Insulation
  12. Energy
  13. Automation
  14. Vertical Transport
  15. Energy certification of the buildings

While the comfort and security, which are the basic needs of buildings and facilities, are provided at a high level with mechanical systems, we also meet the demands and requirements of the Municipality, the Ministry, and the relevant administrations responsible for gas and water distribution, and obtain the necessary permits.

Mechanical Engineering Projects

All Projects
The Istanbul University Hasdal Campus Hospital
The Istanbul University Hasdal Campus Hospital Landscape Architecture 2021
Tashkent Index
Tashkent Index Architecture 2021
Mersin Forum Mall
Mersin Forum Mall Structural Design 2020
Prometeon R & D Center
Prometeon R & D Center Architecture 2021
Lord's Palace - Lagoon Beach Hotel
Lord's Palace - Lagoon Beach Hotel Structural Design 2021
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