EXPERTISE Structural Design

We design structures by focusing on efficiency and economy from the beginning of the design process and considering the buildings' performance throughout their life cycles. Our main goal is to exceed our clients' expectations by offering the best solutions. We deem it our responsibility to explore the technical limitations of the structures. With more than 30 years of structural design experience, our engineers with world-class expertise help architects fulfill their aesthetic visions while also meeting our clients' commercial and operational goals anywhere in the world. The structures we design are long-lasting in extreme conditions and threats, achieve life safety, reduce construction costs, and contribute favorably to society and the sustainable environment.

By adopting an innovative approach, we offer advanced engineering solutions. Without classifying projects as large or small, we overcome all the structural challenges we face with our interdisciplinary expertise, collaborative culture, and problem-solving ability. Our structural engineers are involved in the renovation, reinforcement, or refurbishment of all types of new and old buildings. We have experts in diverse building materials like reinforced concrete, steel, wood, etc. Our structural services cover commercial, residential, industrial, education, energy, health, sports, accommodation, and hospitality sectors.

We provide tailor-made structural designs against earthquakes utilizing seismic isolators or dampers following current codes and standards for high, medium, and low-rise buildings.

Our structural consultancy services include concrete and steel structure design, seismic analysis, peer review, value engineering, structural investigations, building renovations and restorations, reinforcement, inspections, 3D renderings, and modeling in a BIM environment.

Structural Design Projects

All Projects
Tarlabaşı 360
Tarlabaşı 360 Structural Design 2020
Liberty Fabay Hotel
Liberty Fabay Hotel Structural Design 2020
The Istanbul University Hasdal Campus Hospital
The Istanbul University Hasdal Campus Hospital Landscape Architecture 2021
Tashkent Index
Tashkent Index Architecture 2021
Mersin Forum Mall
Mersin Forum Mall Structural Design 2020
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