EXPERTISE Tender Management

SIGMA manages tenders based on contract types. In the Traditional Design-Tender-Construction model, we use design documents to prepare the tender package, go tender and manage relations with the prospective contractors, and finally select the contractor. In the Design & Build model, we select the main contractor who undertakes design and construction works. We select the subcontractors for the clients who benefit from our seamless project delivery method over a single-point contact as the main contractor to overcome design, procurement, and construction works.

As we manage the bidding process, we aim to ensure that our client buys the best value in exchange for the money our client will pay to contractors. Before the tender, our engineers, and surveyors use design documents to create the bill of material lists. Next, we identify the candidates based on our experience. We prepare calendars for the tenders, create plans, and tightly squeeze in time dedicated to tendering period in the project schedule. We evaluate pre-qualification applications by inquiring about the prospective contractors' finance and compatibilities in the market. We listen to candidates to understand their objections, and inquiries related to the tender conditions and design documents in the preliminary interviews and make the changes if required. We invite the companies that pass the pre-qualification stage to the tender.

During the bidding process, we respond to bidders' inquiries, set up mid-tender interviews, coordinate site visits, eliminate contentious matters, and clarify ambiguity in the sentences or documents if there are any.

Once the bidding is finalized, we carry out the quantity surveying for each bid, identify any variances in pricing, make competitive bids easily comparable to each other and clarify the selection criteria to ensure our clients receive the best bid. We request revised prices as necessary to complete the project at a lower cost. We assign or recommend contractors to our clients and initiate the contracting process.

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